I sat down with Capital Exploit’s Jamie Keech on his latest podcast to take a look back on the evolution of my career to date, including lessons learned and battles lost and won along the way.

I have always believed that the more times people put themselves in a position of being uncomfortable, the stronger they become. That was certainly the case for me from the outset where I sought situations that purposefully made me uncomfortable so I could rise to the challenges and grow from them.

The same goes for people. By positioning yourself in the way of greatness and surrounding yourself with people who push and inspire you, you become the best version of your professional and personal self.

We cover a lot of terrain in this podcast but here’s the aerial of what I shared:

– What it actually means to “do a deal” from my perspective
– The sale of Lithium X and what it took
– The difference between being competent and compelling
– My first job (making sandwiches) and what it taught me. Spoiler alert – it’s not how to make an epic B.L.T. though I can do that too
– How to seek role models and ways to get the most out of it
– The crucial importance of mentorship in life
– How to own your mistakes and make tough decisions

Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that everyone leaves something on the table in the best deals. What will you leave?

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